At Camp Homeschool, we use a 4-day per week curriculum.  That allows us to use our extra day for extracurricular activities, to review our week, or to go on some pretty amazing field trips. The great part about homeschool is that you can customize your curriculum choices at anytime.  If something isn't working for your child, just change it.  

Math Exercises

For science, our family uses BookShark. This structured, hands-on learning is perfect for both of my children.  We tend to do science lessons together and I customize the level of difficulty for each of my children.  



I have two different style learners when it comes to math.  My artistic child does well with Teaching Textbooks, while my analytical learner does well with Saxon Math.  


For history, our family uses BookShark as well. We love this program because it uses award-winning novels to teach history.  This brings history closer and gives it life again.  Both of my children follow along, listen to stories, and complete hands-on activities.    



We use two different programs for each of my kids for Language Arts.  My daughter uses The Good and the Beautiful.  This is perfect for her because she loves art.  This program incorporates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, geography, and art into their Language Arts program. 

My son uses Reading Eggs.  This is an online learning program that keeps my little guys attention.  He loves "traveling" on the map and gaining new critters with each lesson. We have the consumable books as well that follow along with each lesson online